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Too Much of a Good Thing is Not a Good Thing

Teeth WhiteningYour teeth have become dull over time, stained due to your morning coffee or evening tea. Whatever the reason for discoloration or dullness, teeth whitening treatment is an excellent solution. This cosmetic process has been one of the most popular ever since dentists around the world started offering professional-grade bleach solution in custom-fit trays. Teeth whitening is good, yes. It is so good, in fact, that many patients take things too far.

The Problem with Whitening
When teeth whitening is conducted in a professional, organized manner, there is no problem. At most, patients may feel slight sensitivity when they wear whitening trays as recommended. There is the key term, as recommended. And therein lies the problem. What often happens is that, when the teeth start to look whiter, patients get lost in their excitement. Either that or the “inconvenience” of having to wear trays for a limited time for several days running leads a patient to just increase the individual treatment time. This gets results sooner and means a shorter course of treatment. It may also mean zingers that buckle your knees!

There’s More
Going too far with the whitening process goes beyond the sensitivity you might develop. Trust us; there have been plenty of people who push right on through those zingers with a little help from their favorite pain reliever. Doing so may blunt the force of sensitivity, but it won’t save your teeth or your appearance. Let’s first talk about tooth damage . . .

Whitening is a safe and effective protocol when used appropriately. Even whitening strips, which are far less powerful than professional whitening gel, are intended for brief use about once a year. The overuse of such products can wear down enamel, much in the way consuming acidic energy drinks causes teeth to erode. To prevent the irreversible wearing down of your teeth, whiten as directed.

We are led to believe that whiter is better, but that just isn’t true. We all have our natural coloring given to us by our ancestors. This includes the shade of enamel on our teeth. Going too white messes with the alignment of complexion to teeth, and can diminish your natural beauty.

We are happy to help you create your most beautiful smile with teeth whitening and other cosmetic or restorative dental treatments. Schedule a visit in our Palm Beach Gardens office at (561) 627-9000.

Teeth Whitening: Before and After

Teeth WhiteningSo you want a whiter, more radiant smile. Who doesn’t? We speak with patients just about every day who express concerns related to the natural discoloration that occurs over time. Stains are going to happen. Your job is not to try to avoid them (you can’t); it is to know what to do when your smile needs a boost. Here, we will discuss a few of the steps you can take before and after your teeth whitening treatment in our Palm Beach Gardens office to maximize your investment into your smile.


Before setting out toward a brighter smile, you must determine your path. Many people are under the impression that any whitening treatment is good whitening treatment. That’s not true. Commercial strips are limited in what they can do because they are limited in the strength of peroxide gel they can use. So if you have anything more than slight surface discoloration, your needs are greater than what commercial strips can provide for. If you want to see a real difference in the color of your teeth, see your dentist. We have two options from which to choose.

There is nothing special that you need to do before your teeth whitening treatment for your teeth to “be ready.” What you might want to do is the plan for comfort. Some people experience temporary sensitivity during and after teeth whitening. This is because the pores that lead to dentin tubules are opened up to remove particles that have settled on them. If you are concerned about sensitivity, talk with us. We can give you tips to ensure you are comfortable enough to complete your process. Toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth may help, as may rinsing with lukewarm water.


The fact that pores are more open and accessible after teeth whitening means that this is a prime time for more stains to occur! This is an important fact to know, so you don’t set yourself up for limited results. In the first few days after your whitening treatment, it is advantageous to avoid the foods that caused discoloration in the first place. This includes coffee and red wine – sorry, folks. If you do consume darker foods and beverages, rinse your mouth immediately, so fewer particles enter into the pores of your teeth.

Is your radiance dimmed by discoloration? We can help you reveal it. Call Lerner & Lemongello at (561) 627-9000.

Teeth White. Teeth Bright. Shining Teeth Are Out Of Sight

tooth whiteningShould you whiten your teeth? If so, what’s the best way to do it? These are questions we are frequently asked at Lerner & Lemongello, and they are more frequent now that teeth whitening products are readily available, as plentiful as toothpaste. The availability of a myriad of grocery store whitening products doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the results you and your teeth deserve, no matter what the television and social media ads are telling you.

When it comes to whitening your teeth, your dentist knows best.
To that end, here’s a bit of tooth whitening info designed to help you get started with the process and put a whiter smile on your face for fall.

Coffee, tea, red wine, soda, and basically eating, drinking and getting older, can cause your tooth enamel and dentin to darken. Everybody wants a white, bright smile. In response, modern teeth whitening became en vogue about 25 years ago.

DIY, over-the-counter whitening alternatives began as sticky tapes and painted on formulas, which revealed some results after several weeks, if ever, and they occasionally caused tooth sensitivity and damage. There are newer types of DIY products, but we believe the best choices for our patients are the two choices we offer at Lerner & Lemongello – the Take Home and the In Office tooth whitening procedures.

  • Our take home products consist of a gel which is dispensed into a special tray which perfectly fits your teeth. The bleaching gels vary in strength and usage times, depending on each patients’ needs.
  • Our In Office procedure consists of a power whitening gel that is applied directly onto the surface of your teeth, to jump-start the whitening process. After exposure to the power gel, your new, white teeth will be rinsed and coated with a fluoride gel to further protect and strengthen them. This process gives you almost instant whitening in about an hour with little sensitivity or stress.

What kind of tooth whitening procedure is right for you? Ask yourself:

  • Is it administered by professionals I know and trust?
  • Does it provide a noticeable difference?
  • Is it quick and easy?
  • Is is less likely to cause damage and sensitivity?

Lerner & Lemongello get the nod! We provide answers to your tooth whitening questions and more. Call to schedule an appointment, today: (561) 627-9000.

Dangers of Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental treatments sought by patients at Lerner & Lemongello. Many of the patients that visit our office seeking professional whitening treatment do so after trying countless over the counter products.

When you visit any drug store or grocery store you can’t help but notice that there are hundreds of products on the market for whitening teeth. This includes whitening toothpastes, whitening gels and trays, white strips, pens and other products. It can be hard to understand which products are best and if any of them are safe for your teeth.

The fact is that a number of over the counter whitening products are too harsh for regular use. Rather than using gels that react with light to whiten your teeth from within, over the counter products whiten your teeth by harshly wearing away your enamel. When abrasive products are used they can eliminate stains but also damage your teeth.

Additionally, many patients do not practice adequate gum protection at home when using whitening products. This can cause pain, and harsh burns to your sensitive gum tissues. Finally, many patients do not follow instructions when using over the counter whitening products. In fact, may patients leave whitening strips or trays on their teeth overnight, making their already dangerous effects even worse.

If you are seeking a whiter and brighter smile, but want to keep your teeth and gums protected consider professional, safe, whitening services from Lerner & Lemongello today.

Your Quick Guide to Keeping Your Teeth Healthy and White

Admit it, having healthy white teeth is sexy! We understand though that it’s quite uncommon for one to forget about tooth whitening treatments, what with the fast-paced lifestyle we have today.

While we recommend that you regularly see us here at our South Florida cosmetic dentistry practice for tooth whitening sessions, there are certain tricks you can do to make your teeth appear whiter even if you find your schedule too hectic to make way for a tooth whitening treatment.

Change to a different shade of lipstick.

You might not be aware of if but how your teeth color appears to others may have to do with the shade of your favorite lipstick. If your teeth tends to appear yellowish, avoid lipstick with red undertones but rather go for the ones with shades pink or berry shades. On the other hand, if your teeth looks grayish, give bronze or copper tones a try.

Sport a tan! 

How about a bronzer or a self-tanning lotion for that sun-kissed look? The darker your complexion, the whiter your teeth will appear. The same goes for the color of dresses and shirts you wear. Do not go for white and light-colored apparel until you’ve visited our practice for a tooth whitening session.

Make it a habit to swish your mouth with water after your morning cup of coffee.

Although coffee provides a host of health benefits, tooth staining is not one of them. However, you can reduce its staining effect by swishing a bit of water into your mouth after your coffee fix. The same habit should be applied to other staining drinks such as wine and berries.

Incorporate at least one “detergent food” a day to your diet.

They’re called detergent foods because they also clean your teeth while consuming them. Detergent foods include raw carrots, apples, celery, and popcorn. In addition, they can also help strengthen your gums and teeth as you chew on them. 

Your Tooth Whitening Options in Palm Beach Gardens and neighboring areas

By and large, there are two types of teeth whitening options here at our practice — take-home whitening and in-office whitening. Treatment outcomes will vary, depending on the severity of tooth discoloration, but immediate results will be noticeable after each session. Get in touch with us today at our office in Palm Beach, Florida!  Call 561-627-9000 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment with us! We look forward to your visit!


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